Things To Avoid In Order To Get Clear Skin

Here is a list of things that you should avoid in order to get clear skin. Most of us do these things without realizing that they could negatively be affecting our skin. However, once you begin to take an active step to avoid doing these things, I’m sure you’ll see a difference in your skin.

  1. Avoid sleeping on pillowcases made out of cotton, or pillows that have patterns or sequence on them. Sleeping on patterned pillows or cotton sheets increases the chances of getting wrinkles and quickening the aging process. Do you ever wake with patters indented on your skin because of the pillow you were sleeping on? Well, if so, you should instead be using silk-based pillow covers. Silk is soft in texture and the material will prevent your skin from creasing in any way.
  1. Avoid going outside during the winters when the wind is blowing. When the wind is blowing, there is a lot of dirt flying around that catches on to your face, clogging pores and leading to breakouts. If you are going outside during this type of weather, remember to cover your face with a scarf and hat, and immediately wash your face when you get home.
  1. Avoid touching your face. Although some people can’t get their hands off their face, it is important you do so. Throughout the day, you touch lots of things and objects, which transfers dirt, germs and bacteria to your hands. When you touch your face without washing your hands, you cause these germs to transfer to your face, which will lead to breakouts.
  1. Avoid foods that cause breakouts. The foods that lead to breakouts may differ from one person to another, since each person’s body is different. But in the past, if you’ve noticed that you get breakouts after eating a certain type of food, avoid that food. For some, foods high in sugar, such as candy and sodas may increase those chances. Whereas for others, dairy products, such as milk and cheese may increase those chances.
  1. Avoid skipping your morning and night skin care routine. Your skin care routine requires a lot of commitment. Skipping your skin care routine once in a while is fine, because we all have those instances of laziness, but try to make it a habit. The more consistence you are with your morning and/or night skin care routine, the better results you’ll see with your skin.

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